steampod-the power of steam on your hair!

Hair is our fetisch girls..right??If our hair is nice and well cared we feel extremely confident..

But how boring it may be sometimes when we have to go to the hairdresser’s to have the desirable result..?? I found the solution and made it my B.F.F..I present you..the  SteamPod!


It comes from the rowenta company collaborating with L’Oreal Professionel and it is really going to be your best buddy! Christmas period is over but it is never too late to write him a letter.. 😛 Maybe he will keep it in mind for next year!!

I personally bought it about 2 years ago from the website Lookfantastic and with a discount code I had , it cost me about 150 euros (free shipping and the steampod smoothing cream!).

Its function is sooo simple! We should just put some distilled water in its tank, we set the desirable temperature and wait until the miraculous steam starts coming out! We apply on our hair exactly in the way we would do with a normal hair straightener and … tataaan…fully straight and smooth!! Of course nothing can be so innocent for our hair so don’t forget to do the essential preparation (special cream to protect from the heat and so on).

Nowadays you can find the new steampod of the second generation which only has some minor differences from its precedent..

L'Oreal Steampod 2steampod-safari-chic-limited-edition

there are also some limited editions





I can guarantee you that the result will take you by surprise and you are going to save money and time ! 🙂

before after









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