my precious…

I have revealed you once more something about my character..I will write it again:when I REALLY believe in something I don’t say much.So, I will tell you only with a few words that this product is just super!! I have nothing more to say.. oh I almost forgot. It belongs to the super brand becca cosmetics.

_DSC0209Basic philosophy of the company,according to the founder Rebecca Morrice Williams,is to achieve a flawless but at the same time natural look on our skin.And the truth is that this product does exactly this.It is introduced to us as under eye brightening corrector which means something like a concealer but with the main purpose to give the light we all need under eyes.

_DSC0210Its texture is pasty like but don’t be scared because it is really easily applied!You only need a tiny amount of it and voila..! It comes only in one shade and this makes your online order really easy 😉 By taking a look on the color of this paste on my hand you may think it is a little bit white-pinky but believe me.. it is ideal!

_DSC0214Wear it with your concealer for better results! I would suggest you the concealer of the brand  hourglass




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