Matera… a nostalgic city

It is said that sometimes you accidentally discover the most amazing things…that’s how I stumbled upon the magical city of Matera, Italy. It was on our way during a road trip and we just thought.. why don’t we spend one or two nights here? So did we..

sassidimatera-panoramic Matera is a city of southern Italy, ready to seduce every single visitor ! It’s one atmospheric, old and full of history place. Of course,to be honest, the most exciting and so talked about place is the part of the city called Sassi, which by the way has been in the World Heritage List of UNESCO ..


Sassi, is basically the name for the cave like houses . Looking them from the outside is great but if you manage to experience how it looks like from the inside, it’s breathtaking..

sassi inside

Of course, you can experience it in a much luxurious version since many hotels have built their facilities in the rocks, maintaining in this way the style of the region. Two of the best hotels for me are Sant’Angelo luxury resort και το Sextantio le Grotte della Civita


(pic. above Sextantio le Grotte della Civita , pic.under Sant’Angelo luxury resort )


On the top of the sassi area you will find the cathedral of Il Duomo which gives a really dominant sense. The area is full of churches, the so called Rupestrian churches – cave churches (churches in perfect harmony with the nature). It is really worth visiting some of them like Santa Maria D’Idris or San Pietro Caveoso..


During one of our countless walks there, we found a museum called cinema museum.. By just reading some of the posters, you can quickly understand- even if you know no italian- that at this magical place a lot of movies have been made since it offers the best setting ever..Among the most famous ones, we found the  Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ.

Wander seduced..think..fall in love! Matera takes control of everything ..



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