leather jackets..!Not just a trend..

Leather jackets have been well established in the fashion industry for many years. It’s that piece of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe since we can wear it in soooo many cases and look great !

They can be combined with jeans, a dress, a skirt, even with sport clothes!!





You can find leather jackets of all tastes and budget so you don’t have to worry. Take some ideas and go shopping!!

leather jacket




you find it in the online shop asos in a really good price, about 170eu






leather jacket



find it in zara at about 100eu







leather jacket


this jacket comes from a super brand I first discovered when I’ve been in London with my fashionSista  🙂

all saints

Great leather quality! You will have it for a life.But be careful.. their sizes are a little bit smaller than normal so if you order online keep it in mind and carefully consult their size chart.





leather jacket_diesel black gold


Something much more expensive than the previous ones.The brand of diesel,offers a more pricey and unique line called black gold

They really have some pieces of garment that really should be in your closet if you can afford it. And don’t forget that especially in sales period you can find discount up to -50% !!So make a wish list and wait patiently… 🙂

This jacket costs about 1400eu…



“why fit in when you were born to stand out…??”


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