la palette nude.. by L’Oreal

“Nude” trend, for me is not exactly a trend..the reason why I say so is because a trend is usually something temporary.However,wearing earth tone,nude makeup is something which was always,and it will continue to be, the definition of elegance..

L’Oreal Paris introduced us a great eye shadow palette in the greatest, cold and warm, shades of brown.

_DSC0201The eye palette of the picture above is 02-beige. The brand though has one more version, Nude2 which comes in shades of burgundy but brown as well.

The textures are pretty fine,keeping in mind the price which is about 20euros. You can use the light colors to brighten the inner corner of your eyes or right under your eyebrows’ arrow to highlight them. As for the dark grey,you can achieve a sexy,night smokey look or use it with a little wet eyebrush to apply it as eyeliner.

_DSC0204experiment with every single thing around you 🙂 have fun!



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