Clutches..sorry guys but yes!It’s an investment!

Bags..small ones..big ones..clutches..we love all of them!!

After shoes which seem to be fetish number one, bags come at the second place. It may seem to be a detail but details make the difference so keeping a great bag can go your whole outfit to a next level 😉  This article will honor however only the clutch bags. Every one of us should have one..or two..or three!! Their prices? From extremely cheap up to the price of a car..!

clutches1. clutch from axel accessories

price 39eu

2. clutch again from axel accessories

price 50eu

3.  diesel

price 220eu

4. a unique pattern from Givenchy, you can find it in farfetch

price at about 300eu

5. a very trendy and stylish one from dsquared2, you can also find it in farfetch and costs about 500eu




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