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homemade mosquito repellent

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy sitting on our balcony till late night, looking for some chill. But what about the annoying mosquitoes? Instead of spraying our body with all these chemical repellents or using special candles full of definitely non healthy substances , we can use a very simple recipe. In this way, we not only protect our body and environment, but we also enjoy the process of making it ourselves! It is a really effective, low-budget recipe which can also be used as a great decorative piece in our home. What

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home inspiration

Our home has to be nice with a cozy atmosphere..Ok..we all know that but is it enough?What about functionality?Creativity?Our personal touches that will make it special and unique..? Take some clever tips and copy the ones you like ♥

a bike just under your sink..such a vintage touch.. bookshelves made from..what else?books... I love it!!

OK that is clever! :) oh nice idea to use my extra chairs!

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