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top models go for.. Box!!

How many times aren't we stuck, admiring the flawless bodies of top models? But, do you ever wonder how much effort they have made for these results? Some of them choose to undergo themselves to extreme diets,causing great damage to their body, while others have found ways to enjoy it!! Jiji Hadid ,  Andriana Lima and many more top models have discovered the benefits and joy that Box can offer you!

OK, it's true that when you first hear the word you think of two men

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have fun-get fit

Are you one of those people that are reaaaally bored of going to a gym??Don't worry!In the shops you can find some clever alternatives that leave you no space for more excuses!.. welcome to the world of motion game consoles. They are game consoles but made in a way that can really make you move! so...are you ready people??Let's groove!! some of the most known ones are PS Move, Xbox Kinect και WII They offer a huge variety of exercise programs depending on what we like and how fit we are..from jogging to tennis..zumba..

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