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tribute to our favorite converse all star..

converse all star.. Once they were supposed to be the symbol of rebels, of those who didn't care at all about their shoes.. Now they are the symbol of can see people wearing them everywhere, even at weddings.. :) The truth is that nowadays our favorite all stars can be found in every color and style we want ! Below I present you some that I like and think are unique :)

for the polka dots lovers

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leather jackets..!Not just a trend..

Leather jackets have been well established in the fashion industry for many years. It's that piece of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe since we can wear it in soooo many cases and look great ! They can be combined with jeans, a dress, a skirt, even with sport clothes!!

You can find leather jackets of all tastes and budget so you don't have to worry. Take some ideas and go shopping!!

you find it in the online shop asos in a

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Girls love rings !!

Many rings is a trend a love!! Revolutionary, rock and at the same time so chic! .. Depending on your style, you can wear gold or silver mid finger rings or even make a mix. In the shops you can find every shape and color you want( I also like the black ones)

Some rings cost a lot but you can find really cheap, starting from 5eu ! Play with them, change them place and don't forget: because of

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Clutches..sorry guys but yes!It’s an investment!

Bags..small ones..big ones..clutches..we love all of them!! After shoes which seem to be fetish number one, bags come at the second place. It may seem to be a detail but details make the difference so keeping a great bag can go your whole outfit to a next level ;)  This article will honor however only the clutch bags. Every one of us should have one..or two..or three!! Their prices? From extremely cheap up to the price of a car..! 1. clutch from axel accessories price 39eu 2. clutch again from axel accessories

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Strobing...this term has recently come to replace what we knew as highlighting..which means make up that works by highlighting and giving light to some parts of our face. There are many products that you can use to achieve this great glow on your face! Dior Glow Maximizer .. it is worth reading this article for that awesome product! ♥ In addition, brands like Armani, Nars and many others have great sheer products. Choose the one that fits you the best and let it give you the glow that you deserve!! whatever

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