Monthly Archives: March 2016

doublewear foundation by estee lauder

This foundation gained a superior place on my shelf and not without a reason.. Generally speaking, I have no skin problems, However I was looking for something that would give me coverage and a smooth result without causing the "mask effect". I was also looking for something that would last for long (imagine that my make-up artist suggested it for my wedding day and she was absolutely right)! So,Estee Lauder brought me exactly what I wanted! An easy applied foundation which makes you look really fresh and hydrated all

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tribute to our favorite converse all star..

converse all star.. Once they were supposed to be the symbol of rebels, of those who didn't care at all about their shoes.. Now they are the symbol of can see people wearing them everywhere, even at weddings.. :) The truth is that nowadays our favorite all stars can be found in every color and style we want ! Below I present you some that I like and think are unique :)

for the polka dots lovers

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wedding hairstyles

Spring..a season full of smells, sun (at least in my country),impatience and many many weddings.. ;) Don't panic girls..! Just enjoy the moment.. Your wedding's hairstyle is probably the most important piece of your appearance. The info, the ideas but also the advice you will take are going to be countless. I would advice you only one thing: go for the hairstyle that you can fully support and will make you feel YOURSELVES ! For some of you, this can mean a punk - rock hairstyle( like the one I chose for my wedding :P ) and

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