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Cheek to chic..

I was recently learnt from my fashionSista about the charlotte tilbury Ok I know it's really well known brand but excuse me.. :) However I have to was love at first buy!.. So, the first product I tried was the ecstasy blush from the line cheek to chic It is about a really steady product with nice powdery texture which gives you a sexy, discrete shine on the cheeks Its application has two steps. At first we take some product from the outer circle and apply on the cheekbones and then from the inner circle

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super concealer for super girls

We all need eyes that look fresh and relaxed but how many of you are the lucky ones to have it without cosmetics' help?So few! Hourglass cosmetics brings us a great concealer!! It comes into a stick form, which means that gives great coverage but it is  not so hydrating. From all the stick concealers I have used however, I have to tell it is the most hydrating one. Don't go for it only if you have a really dry under eye area.. The shade I went for is sand but it comes in a variety of colors to find the best for you. When

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have fun-get fit

Are you one of those people that are reaaaally bored of going to a gym??Don't worry!In the shops you can find some clever alternatives that leave you no space for more excuses!.. welcome to the world of motion game consoles. They are game consoles but made in a way that can really make you move! so...are you ready people??Let's groove!! some of the most known ones are PS Move, Xbox Kinect και WII They offer a huge variety of exercise programs depending on what we like and how fit we are..from jogging to tennis..zumba..

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Honey bee..

Honey..even pronouncing this word and its color, its texture, its sweet taste will come to our mind ..!!Honey is a product likable by almost everyone..from youngs to older ones and its uses are countless! It is one of product with scientific interest because of the nutrients it has and their miraculous impact on human beings .. Do you know that: it is quickly absorbed by our body and that's why athletes prefer it as a source of energy? it is antiseptic, invigorating, it boosts the function of our heart and reduces

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home inspiration

Our home has to be nice with a cozy atmosphere..Ok..we all know that but is it enough?What about functionality?Creativity?Our personal touches that will make it special and unique..? Take some clever tips and copy the ones you like ♥

a bike just under your sink..such a vintage touch.. bookshelves made from..what else?books... I love it!!

OK that is clever! :) oh nice idea to use my extra chairs!

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eye benefit

Everyone wants a bright look..and everyone wants to hear people telling her that she seems to be so fresh while she had been wildly partying all night! But ,is it possible?? Yes! benefit brings us a product which will give us the fresh look we are looking for- Eye Bright. It is a thick, slightly iridescent, white kohl designed to be used in the inner corners of our eyes to give light. We can also apply it under the eyebrows to highlight their lines. You may think that is product is meaningless but believe me,

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dr.feelgood by benefit

Ooooh yes... it makes you feel really good...this product is a must! Have it in your bag and don't be afraid of anything! Sudden date?great news! Sudden invitation for a drink after having been 8hours in work?great news! Things are so simple!You only need a Lipstick (look for something that gives you fresh look like sophia loren lipstick by D&G)and a touch on your face with dr.feelgood from benefit cosmetics It is applied very easily.We just take a small quantity of the product with the special sponge given and tap

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we love jeans!!

oh yeah.... jeans!! ♥  Come there someone here that has never worn jeans?? Jeans flatter every body shape, every age, every style!You can wear them in every occasion, depending of course on how you are going to combine them casual look or chic and sexy?? bags and shoes are of the brand A.S 98 jeans are A&F

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leather jackets..!Not just a trend..

Leather jackets have been well established in the fashion industry for many years. It's that piece of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe since we can wear it in soooo many cases and look great ! They can be combined with jeans, a dress, a skirt, even with sport clothes!!

You can find leather jackets of all tastes and budget so you don't have to worry. Take some ideas and go shopping!!

you find it in the online shop asos in a

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Girls love rings !!

Many rings is a trend a love!! Revolutionary, rock and at the same time so chic! .. Depending on your style, you can wear gold or silver mid finger rings or even make a mix. In the shops you can find every shape and color you want( I also like the black ones)

Some rings cost a lot but you can find really cheap, starting from 5eu ! Play with them, change them place and don't forget: because of

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