DIOR Matte Lipsticks !

At last!! Autumn is here and we, the makeup obsessed run into the make up stores to take a closer look of the new collections!! And I suppose you have an idea of what I fancy spending on.. lipsticks! And what kind of lipsticks?? Matte ones! I love them! I think they are sexy, mysterious and absolutely long-lasting!! So, Dior was the first brand I went for. The reason is obvious..


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Halloween time!!

Halloweeeeeen ... hooray!! A period when people have parties,fun and the most important of all? It's a chance to be creative!! It's a chance for all kids to have a great time but also for adults to feel like kids even for a while ;) In this article I m not going to give you ideas about costumes but ideas for halloween snacks and drinks for a party!! Easy things.. we sometimes OPT FOR being lazy :P So,these are some of the things I am going to present to my guests!!

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top models go for.. Box!!

How many times aren't we stuck, admiring the flawless bodies of top models? But, do you ever wonder how much effort they have made for these results? Some of them choose to undergo themselves to extreme diets,causing great damage to their body, while others have found ways to enjoy it!! Jiji Hadid ,  Andriana Lima and many more top models have discovered the benefits and joy that Box can offer you!

OK, it's true that when you

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We had already said bye bye to summer and we are back to our everyday routine.. So,how about a little glam on our face to look fresh, relaxed and glowy? The collection Dolce&Gabbana Blush of Roses Creamy Face Color Collection is the ideal gift for us to give us some color in the greyish days of autumn! The collection includes a n Illuminator, a bronzer and four blush shades, all of which have a unique creamy  but at the same time matte texture, leaving your skin with a great sense with no

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homemade mosquito repellent

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy sitting on our balcony till late night, looking for some chill. But what about the annoying mosquitoes? Instead of spraying our body with all these chemical repellents or using special candles full of definitely non healthy substances , we can use a very simple recipe. In this way, we not only protect our body and environment, but we also enjoy the process of making it ourselves! It is a really effective, low-budget recipe which can also be used as a great

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Τις ηλιόλουστες, ζεστές ημέρες έχω την τάση να προτιμώ πιο ζουμερά κραγιόν και όχι τα ματ, πολύ σταθερά του χειμώνα. Αυτή είναι συνήθως η εποχή που δίνω χώρο σε ένα λαχταριστό lip gloss! Τελευταία λατρεία; Το Chanel Glossimer 174 Daydream! Υπέροχο, λαμπερό χρώμα και αν και στην αρχή θα το νιώθετε κολλώδες, μετά από λίγο θα αφήσει περισσότερο την αίσθηση "υγρού" κραγιόν. Δε θα σας πω πως αν απεχθάνεστε τα gloss αυτό θα σας αλλάξει τη γνώμη. Αλλά αν βρίσκεστε σε μια κατάσταση αγάπης και μίσους για

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doublewear foundation by estee lauder

This foundation gained a superior place on my shelf and not without a reason.. Generally speaking, I have no skin problems, However I was looking for something that would give me coverage and a smooth result without causing the "mask effect". I was also looking for something that would last for long (imagine that my make-up artist suggested it for my wedding day and she was absolutely right)! So,Estee Lauder brought me exactly what I wanted! An easy applied foundation which makes you

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tribute to our favorite converse all star..

converse all star.. Once they were supposed to be the symbol of rebels, of those who didn't care at all about their shoes.. Now they are the symbol of fashion..you can see people wearing them everywhere, even at weddings.. :) The truth is that nowadays our favorite all stars can be found in every color and style we want ! Below I present you some that I like and think are unique :)

for the polka dots

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wedding hairstyles

Spring..a season full of smells, sun (at least in my country),impatience and many many weddings.. ;) Don't panic girls..! Just enjoy the moment.. Your wedding's hairstyle is probably the most important piece of your appearance. The info, the ideas but also the advice you will take are going to be countless. I would advice you only one thing: go for the hairstyle that you can fully support and will make you feel YOURSELVES ! For some of you, this can mean a punk - rock hairstyle( like the

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Cheek to chic..

I was recently learnt from my fashionSista about the charlotte tilbury Ok I know it's really well known brand but excuse me.. :) However I have to admit.it was love at first buy!.. So, the first product I tried was the ecstasy blush from the line cheek to chic It is about a really steady product with nice powdery texture which gives you a sexy, discrete shine on the cheeks Its application has two steps. At first we take some product from the outer circle and apply on the

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